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The mosquito guide: all you need to know about mosquito bites

Pimples, redness, itching... In summer, mosquitoes are a real nuisance for holidaymakers. Although they are mostly harmless, they can sometimes be deadly. They are considered to have killed more people than any other insect or animal through the transmission of diseases such as dengue fever or malaria. Every year they kill nearly three million people worldwide.  Why do they bite us? How can we stop them? How do we relieve a bite? Feeding your eggs As with wasps and bees, female mosquitoes are responsible for human bites. After mating, the female goes hunting to collect mammalian blood to find the protein source needed to feed her eggs. Forty-eight hours after taking this meal, the fertilized females deposit their eggs on the surface of stagnant water (ponds, streams, puddles...). Water is absolutely necessary for the development of the mosquito's eggs: a wetland will not suffice. This "reproduction-biting-bitten-bridge" sequence is repeated several times during the mosqui