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Mosquito bites: how to relieve them?

Mosquitoes are the enemies of our summer evenings and nights and our walks in the wilderness. Their bites cause itching, redness, and pain. How can we treat them and relieve them quickly? What can we do to avoid them? What are the signs that should be of concern? We tell you all about mosquito bites . The good days are back. So are the mosquitoes! They are rampant in every area of bare skin and even through clothing. But what causes those little red itchy pimples after a mosquito bite? You should know that only female mosquitoes bite humans. They need blood to reproduce. When a mosquito bites us, it pumps some of our blood and at the same time injects its saliva containing an anticoagulant. It is precisely this saliva that causes a slight inflammatory reaction that causes the mosquito bite. How do you treat a mosquito bite? Before relieving the itching caused by the bite, disinfect the area. Apply soap and water or an antiseptic solution. This step is very important because it helps pr