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Can Yoga Improve Posture? Yoga at Home

Can Yoga Improve Posture? Yoga at Home      Doing yoga at home seems simpler, no need to take transportation, or adapt to the crowded yoga studio environment at peak times.      You're at home, warm and ready to do your asanas. This apparent simplicity has its prerequisites that will allow you to set up your weekly or even daily routine for the most motivated. The essential prerequisites:      Set aside one hour of time during the day when you will not be disturbed.      Unplug your electronic devices (smartphone, iPad,..), or switch to airplane mode.      Install your yoga mat, blanket, brick and strap (or elastic band) on the floor.      Play pleasant music if it helps you to relax if not, play silence.      Put a glass of water or tea nearby, so you don't have to interrupt the practice to fetch it from the kitchen.      Start a timer with a ringing tone (gong style) that will alert you 5 minutes before the end of the practice. Benevolence as a starting point      The practi