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Realme 6, Realme 6 Pro: Specification, Price, Release Date

Realme 6, Realme 6 Pro : Specification, Price, Release Date      Announced on March 5, 2020, the Realme 6 features a Helio90T Mediatek SoC, supported by 4, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, and 64 or 128 GB of storage, expandable by microSD.      It has 4 photosensors on the back, the main one having a 64-megapixel resolution. It has a 4200 mAh battery and a 30 W fast charge.      The Realme 6 wants to be a new champion of price/quality ratio and walk on Xiaomi's busy flowerbeds. Realme 6 design      Efficient. We can't spend hours describing the beauty of Realme 6 because the praise would ring hollow quickly enough.      The phone simply relies on efficiency and, in broad outline, it's quite successful. Let's face it: you won't be dealing with a compact smartphone with its 162.1 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm dimensions. It's not the lightest either, weighing 191 grams.      It's not unpleasant to hold, far from it, but you have to admit that the very slight difference in height between

7-Day Detox Diet Plan: Time to Get Healthy & Active

     The  detox diet  is a restrictive diet that consists of consuming only whole plants, or in the form of juice, for 1 to 7 consecutive days. 7-Day Detox Diet Plan       More than weight loss , detox would detoxify the body and make you feel better. Attention detox is very controversial, we must be careful. What is the detoxification function? * Diet based on fruits, vegetables or juices * Duration from 1 to 7 consecutive days * Weight loss and detoxification of the body * Very restrictive regime * Lemon juice, water, and tea at will The main principles of the diet There is not one but several detox diets: lemon, juice, or whole fruits and vegetables. The aim of this type of diet is to support the organs in their purification functions to induce detoxification. How does the lemon detox diet work? Detox" diets come in different forms: * Variable duration: 1 to 7 days * Consumption of fruit only * Consumption of vegetables only * Consumption of juices or smoothies * Vegetarian d

Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain and Weight Gain

Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain       Protein shakes promote muscle gain and improve performance and recovery, they also prevent muscle loss and may even help increase muscle mass during weight loss .       Bodybuilding and fitness practitioners know the importance and interest of proteins if they wish to progress in their practice, improve their recovery, and reduce the risk of injuries.      These are provided by food, but given the specific needs of athletes, taking protein in the form of dietary supplements can be strategic.      Protein powder is the most widely sold dietary supplement in the world of sport.      Before a session, after training, before going to bed, diluted in water, with milk... What are the benefits of these protein drinks? Is it indispensable? Role and function of proteins in the body      Proteins are complex molecules made up of amino acids. These molecules are among the essential constituents of the human body, along with carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, t

15 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight  can be very tricky: even if you have the best advice on  how to lose weight fast . When you're incredibly busy, it can be difficult to focus on your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.  It's easy to make mistakes, but knowledge is power - when you know the pitfalls you're most likely to fall into, it's easier to walk away. Weight loss tips 15 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight Fast   Countless studies prove that cardio alone does not melt away excess pounds. There's not much point in just doing cardiovascular exercise for an hour. That said, cardio doesn't have to be bad; a survey of 700 people showed that a combination of aerobic exercise and weightlifting was the best strategy for weight loss . Food for weight loss It is recommended that you alternate two or three weight training sessions per week with cardiovascular training sessions in constant effort or intervals. best long-term weight loss plan Don't get discouraged if you do